Friday, May 24, 2013

Farewell to The Office

Based on the title of my blog, I figured I had to write about the finale of The Office. If you've been watching the show since the beginning, you probably had mixed emotions about the series finally coming to an end. It's always bittersweet when it's a show that you've been following for so many years ends. On one had you're sad to see it go but on the other, it's often time for it to say farewell. I don't know what the general word is from Office fans, but I personally loved the way they ended things. There were so many good quotes in the episode and most importantly, my favorite part was definitely the goodbye dance with Darryl. What a perfect depiction of what that group of people is really like. I thought the Ryan and Kelly part was kind of dumb but it fit their relationship throughout the show, and Nelly did get a baby because of it which she really wanted so that was kind of sweet. I wish Michael Scott had a few more lines and wish that he had Holly with him but at least he got one more "That's what she said" in! I thought the way they tied in the documentary was pretty cool and it just made sense for Dwight and Angela to get married and that the baby was Dwight's!

Watching the Promos

Below are a few of my favorite quotes from the episode and of course, the Darryl dance video!

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them" - Andy Bernard

“It would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this, and she said to herself, be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears, just go after what you want. And act fast, because life just isn’t that long.” – Pam Halpert

"No matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home." -Creed

"There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things." - Pam Halpert

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