Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014: Best and Worst Dressed

I'm not one who is obsessed with celebrity fashion or anything but I always think it's fun to pick best and worst dressed lists after a big event such as the Golden Globes. I always find it interesting that one dress can make both lists depending on who's judging. I claim no expertise in the fashion world but here would be my top 5 picks for each list.

Best Dressed:

Mila Kunis: I loved everything about this dress and Mila's look. The color and style and metallic embellishments were beautiful and I thought her simple earrings and elegant bun paired perfectly with the detailed dress.

Helen Mirren: Helen Mirren looks absolutely stunning. This dress is the perfect fit for her body as well as the perfect style for her age. The color is gorgeous and looks great on her. Her hair and jewelry pair perfectly. LOVE!

Monica Potter: Monica Potter makes black and gold look good. The dress was simply elegant and her accessories were perfect, even down to her black and gold manicure.

Emilia Clarke: My love for her may influence my decision slightly but she did look exquisite. The dress is unique and elegant at the same time and I think the way she wore her hair was perfect for the low cut strapless dress. Her bracelets also added the perfect pop of color! 

Reese Witherspoon: The color alone makes this dress really stand out. The style and fit are perfect for Reese and as simple and plain as the dress is when it comes to embellishments, it's simply perfection. Head to toe she looks fantastic. 

Worst Dressed:

Jessica Lange: I think the style of dress was perfect for her age but the color and the style were too much to be completely in velvet.

Julie Bowen: I love Julie Bowen but I just find this dress to be hideous. The color combination, the velvet, the big 80's sleeves, this is just a no.

Paula Patton: If this dress was simply a long sleeve white dress that fit exactly how it does, she would have looked fantastic. But the big, poofy, white embellishment that goes down the side just makes it hideous.

Zoe Saldana: This dress looks like lingerie gone wrong. Enough said.

Elisabeth Moss: Not only is the dress hideous on it's own, it isn't flattering on her at all. 

There were a lot of other great dresses, terrible dresses and some in-between. I look forward to seeing other people's opinions!