Friday, July 9, 2010

New Obsession: Lip Balm Status

So I'm in love. As I mentioned in my first "Sample-icious" blog, I am obsessed with Sephora and all their great samples. Well as a Sephora Beauty Insider, I get emails from Sephora and whether it be a new product or a special offer code, more often than not the emails will include some enticing tid bit to get me on This time it was their special 5 free samples with any order instead of the usual 3 free samples. Once I picked out my 5 samples, I had to find something to order. I always check their weekly specials first to see if they have any good deals, which they always do! Right away Pangea Lip Balm for $6 popped out at me. Since lip balm is an every day necessity, I'm addicted to trying new ones. I was already intrigued by the $6 lip balm (normally $12) but the fact that it was organic and lavender sealed the deal. So once it arrived in the mail, I was definitely not let down! I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it, sometimes things that you order online can be tiny but this was bigger than a normal tube of chapstick and when I opened the cap, the lavender smell was very pleasing, not overwhelming at all. Also, when I rubbed it on my lips, it made them feel very soft and smooth. Some lip balms can be waxy or leave a residue but this one doesn't at all. I have fallen in love with this product, so much so that I had to blog about it right away. I hope this is the first of many sticks I will purchase although knowing me, I'll still try any new lip balm that catches my eye whether it be on or while browsing Wal-mart, Target or some other store.